Digimon Heroes! is a match-3 Card Battle adventure featuring an all-star cast of more than 1000 of your favorite DIGIMON characters in the palm of your hand. Enhance the Digimon who have joined your party by digifusing them, digivolve them into even stronger forms, and finally break through their limits to unleash their full potential.


Choose 5 Digimon and form a team.You will fight battles with this team, so choose them Digimon wisely! There are five races: Dragon- red, Knight - blue, Nature - green, Dark - purple, Holy - yellow.


Choose 3 cards of the same color to attack During the battle. After a number of turns, the Digimon icon will be glowing green. Double tap their icon to use their skills. Use them wisely!


You can collect and unlock over 1000 different Digimon, from common to legendary! The stars on the Digimon represent their rarity. A rare Digimon can be sold more expensively and give you more experience points when you use them as material.