Apoclymon Event

10 Jan 2017

- Help my friends, please! shouted a small Digimon from a distance.

After hearing its story, you and your team find out that all its friends were captured and enclosed in a crystal. With tears in its eyes, it begs you to try and free them out, showing you the way to the cave where the crystal is located.

Once you arrive there, you are puzzled to see a huge purple floating crystal. You don't really know how to open it.  While you investigate the situation, you can`t seem to find any device that can open or close this prison.

-          Why don't you touch it to find an opening? the Digimon asks.

Having no better idea, you put your palm on it... only to be instantly teleported in a whole different dimension! Luckily your team is right beside you, but there's no trace of the distressed Digimon.

Then a terrifying voice boomed: "For far too long have you and your Digimon team disrupted my plans of destroying the world, now this shall come to an end!" A white crack rips through the fabric of space and slowly a huge body emerges. This just can't be happening... it's no other than Apoclymon!

-          Come on, don't lose hope, together we can overcome anything! Screamed your Digifriends while Digivolving for the incoming tough battle.