BlackMegaloGrowmon Event!

10 Jan 2017

After defeating Apoclymon you and your team get teleported back to the cave, where It all started, in front of the purple floating crystal.

The frightened baby Digimon can`t believe its eyes:
- You’re back, what happened? Where were you?

After explaining what happened your attention shifts to the purple floating crystal that still imprisons the small Digimon. It looks like there’s more to this! You decide to keep an eye out for anything that stands out in this cave, there might be a secret switch or entrance.

Everyone starts looking for clues. After a few hours of intense search you find a peculiarly small symbol representing a blade situated right behind the crystal. You touch the wall around the symbol and find a hidden switch.

You put everyone on guard, who knows what can happen now! As soon as you press it the purple crystal cage becomes blue, DigiCode lines start appearing on the walls of the cave. More and more lines of code overflow from the crystal creating a spiral shaped form that throbs closer and closer to the baby Digimon that led you here.

In a few seconds, it's clear that Apoclymon wanted you dead by all means. The small innocent Digimon transforms into BlackMegaloGrowmon and he`s here to fight!