Dragons vs Knights Event!

10 Oct 2017

There are a couple more weeks until Halloween, but most of your friends started preparations for their costumes, harvesting fruit for pies and preparing black & orange decorations. You gladly help them gathering the ripe apples and pumpkins in the town square and cannot but be amazed by the amount of this year's bountiful harvest.

The next day however, the huge pile of fruit and vegetables shrunk considerably. Although some Digimon held watch, they didn't notice anyone suspicious trying to steal. There was nothing you could do, so all day long you worked together with your team to replace the missing harvest with a fresh one. The evening caught you completely exhausted, just as everybody else. Some Digimon decided it would be best if you would guard the pile tonight, as your team can cover much more ground if needed to pursuit the culprit.

And soon enough, after everyone left for their houses, you saw with the corner of your eye how a pumpkin waddled away into an alley covered in darkness. Not wasting any time, a team member rushed ahead, and uncovered a Mamemon! Screeching as if dying, suddenly the town square was flooded with other menacing Mamemons. Luckily something was holding them back from attacking you.

You were all baffled by the tone coming from an approaching carriage: "Hear ye, hear ye! A commoner trying to stop the Prince of the Digi-World. Step aside or I will have you thrown in jail!" Then you saw the yellow body of the Digimon inside: Princemamemon!
"Tamer, I heard that this poor Digimon was tricked by a villain we defeated in the past, and now Princemamemon thinks the inhabitants of File Island are all its subjects!" With no warning, a rain of energy bullets was shot at you, but luckily your team member was faster and got you out of the way.

Being a royalty is no reason to steal from the Digimon town, you have to put an end to Princemamemon's folly before it ruins the preparations for Halloween!