Knights vs Nature Special Event!

24 Oct 2017

Today is the day you and your team will go in a relaxing voyage! Everyone packed, the sun shines harder than before and a 1 week cruise around the File Island got everyone so excited. 
- Everyone ready? Todayyy is the dayyyyyy. Hurry up, let`s get to the port before that ship leaves without us!

The team packed and you all head to the car. Shortly after, you find yourself in front of a huge cruise vessel. The captain is saluting everyone that goes on board and after a small toast you are informed that tonight there will be a special ball organized in the main ballroom.
- This is great! Isn`t it team?"
- Yes yes, we deserve some time off! Says Agumon
- A well-deserved vacation, yes, I agree Agumon!

The days pass, you enjoy the sun, the games on the deck even the activities that are organized by the crew are really fun. But on the last day of the cruise the unexpected happens.

It looks like the ship entered in a foggy area where there is zero visibility and all of a sudden it gets hit. The ship took serious damage and it might sink! No one knows what is going on and the crowd starts to panic. As soon as you gather your team on the deck the source of the problem appears.

It`s none other than GigaSeadramon, the assault landing ship for which it isn`t known where or when it will appear on the Net Ocean. You have to destroy it until it`s not too late Tamer, hundreds of lives depend on you!