Orochimon Special Event!

20 Apr 2017

It's been weeks since you had a good night's sleep. Every time you try to fall asleep, a gruesome nightmare would start immediately. Tired of spending sleepless nights like this, you decide to take matters in your own hands. Seeing your fellow team members sleep so peacefully, you head out into the moonlit night without waking them up.

The nightmare always follows the same pattern: alone and helpless near a black river, you realize that there is nobody out there to comfort you; the earth begins to tremble and you fall to the ground as a huge dark shape appears out of the river, filling your heart with panic and despair...

But this is the last time you have to face that monster. Something near the house must be causing the nightmares and you're determined to find the source and put an end to all of this.

"What's happening to the grass?" you soon wonder, as your shoes are getting wet. Trying to distinguish the landscape in front of you, the grass gives way to a pitch-black pool of flowing water, clearly tainted with pure darkness
"Come forth, whatever you are!", and indeed after shouting, your nightmare comes to life! The exact same gigantic figure rises from the water, with eight snake heads that flail around and lashing out a terrifying screech.

Unable to snap out of the panic that engulfed you, a familiar voice calms you instantly: "Did you think that we would ever let you alone? This monstrous Orochimon stands no chance before us, we shall fight together!