Sinduramon Special Event

02 May 2017

You and your team were recently invited to the Area of Steel for a celebration in honor of your recent victories. You cannot wait to check Steel Town's famous streetlights, as it's renowned for the colorful signs of the countless Digi-Shops.
As you are arriving at sunset, the Digimon of Steel Town prepared for you a special light show, as they take a lot of pride in their clean and sparkling city.

"Quick, Tamer, hop on the podium and turn on the switch!" a steel Digimon told you. Slightly embarrassed at the huge crowd waiting for you to turn on the neon lights, you step on the podium, wave at your friends and flip the switch.
...and nothing happened. Flustered, you try and flip the switch again, but you realize that the city is still covered in the sunset shadows, with no dazzling lights in sight.

"This is impossible, Andromon made sure the circuits would work!" said the announcer Digimon.

Before anyone could say anything, you are all taken by surprise by huge lightning bolts dashing though the streets. The steel buildings are creating huge arcs of electricity that quickly make your hair stand up in the funniest way possible. Looking around, Digimon are screaming panicked as their fur and feathers are also bristled by the bolts.

"Ahahaha! Look at you! You stand no chance against my mighty powers. How can this human pretend to be the protector of the Digi-World? Prepare to battle me and get squished!"

Trying to calm your hair down, your team members inform you that it's no other than Sinduramon, the "Rooster" Deva! It likes to pick fights wherever it goes and often causes blackouts just to taunt other Digimon. Determined to restore peace to Steel Town, you order your team to engage the Digimon and stop it!