The Holy Beasts Special Event!

18 Oct 2017

Just this afternoon you received a highly-classified data pack about the cause to yesterday’s disaster that affected all of File Island. Hopefully this can help the Digimon resist evil impulses and stop them from causing mayhem. Opening the pack, some Digimon researchers pinpointed a tiny place deep underground from which corrupted data flows into the public network.

You have a bad feeling about this, as whatever lies in the heart of darkness down there, would be no easy foe to defeat. However, you have to try and eradicate the danger before it has time to act again!

After some hardcore training sessions, you collect any additional data from the researchers and rush to the entrance of the cave together with your team. Nothing prepared you mentally for the innumerable twists and turns that spiral inwards towards the core of the continent, but luckily the paths are completely devoid of life forms.

Just as you got a hundred meters from the entrance to the main cave chamber, you receive another encoded transmission, which you play using your 3D enhancer:
"This is an order from the Central Committee of File Island, you have to immediately get out of the cave. An X-Antibody code was stolen and transmitted to your location and the danger is imminent: Get out NOW!!!" But before you had time to react, the space before you warps and transforms into a portal. 

A voice booms: "Enter, Tamer. There is no way back. Your existence comes to an end here and now." Fortunately your team reaches your hand and promises that whatever lurks beyond the portal, together you shall obliterate it from the Digi-World.