Thunderballmon Special Event!

18 Oct 2017

The day has come: your Digimon team is prepared for the LAN Party you decided to organize as a means of forgetting about the countless battles you all had to fight recently. All the PCs are ready, snacks neatly plated and drinks fizzing. Each member decided on one game to play, so this will take a whole evening of laughs and fun.

Just as you popped in the first game CD, the PC shuts down. Dismayed, you turn to the one on your left, when that one also turns back. A team member runs a quick analysis of the network and says: "I know what's happening... prepare for a total blackout in 3, 2 1..." Unfortunately your generator is not strong enough to withstand the needs of the whole house and 6 PCs, so you decide to call the local Power Plant. As expected, your calls are left unanswered.

"This is no good, we have to go there and investigate. Kokuwamon is a foolproof energy provider, unless something happened to it", decides your team. Taking the necessary equipment, you head out to the Plant as fast as you can, yet without the help of the local trains, as all of them are stopped dead in their tracks all along the way.

When near the site, you notice that your hair is slightly electrified. This shouldn't happen with the usual security protocols running, you tell your team to approach cautiously. Entering the building, you're left speechless: hundreds of Thunderballmons block the hallways; most of them connected to various cables, visibly sucking up all the electric energy form the grid. But one of them stands out, looking completely unfazed by your arrival: "We're changing the strategy: quantity over quality. Let's see how you can handle all 953 of us at once. Brethren, prepare your cannons!"