How can I contact support to get assistance?

In order to contact support please go to: https://bnea.helpshift.com/a/digimon-heroes/.


1. Minimum OS requirements for Digimon Heroes:

iOS minimum required 7.0 OS.

Android minimum required 4.0.3 OS.


2. Digimon Heroes won`t load / stopped working, what should I do?

If Digimon Heroes crashes while playing or will not fully load, please perform the following steps.

a. Open the Active applications menu from your Home button.

b. Quit the apps running on the background (including Digimon Heroes!).

c. Launch Digimon Heroes and try again.

If this doesn`t work make sure you have a steady WIFI connection, try to disable and enable it. If your game is still crashing or not loading, please contact our support team describing the situation as detailed as possible. In case of specific errors please send a screenshot of the error. If the issue persists please try to reinstall the application from the Store. 

If the issue persists try to reinstall the application from the Store again. 


 3. I can`t install Digimon Heroes! Help!

On some devices, the operating system doesn't inform you when you run out of storage. Please check that you have enough space on your device for Digimon Heroes! You need at least 80 MB in order to install the game. If you have less than 80 MB available, please delete old or unused applications, music files, photos, etc. before attempting to install Digimon Heroes!. You also have to check if the game is available in your country.

! Important !

If you encounter the "Not available in your country" error message, please go to: https://bnea.helpshift.com/a/digimon-heroes/


 4. Can I save my progress and play on a new device?

Yes you can! Remember that the easiest way to save your account details is by linking your Digimon Heroes! account to your Facebook account. The easiest way is to login with Facebook right after you launch the application. Another way to do this is to open the settings menu (the last menu button on the menu bar) and select “Facebook login” in order to open your account. 


 5. If I don`t have a Facebook account/ I lost my device / I did not link my Digimon Heroes account to my Facebook, can I recover my old account?

There is a possibility, but this does not guarantee that your account can be always restored. The safest method is to save your account details by linking Digimon Heroes! account with your Facebook account.

In order to try recovering your old account without having your Facebook linked, you will need your unique account ID and Nickname from the old account. If you have this information you need to create a new Digimon Heroes! account then send the new unique Nickname and ID along with your old unique Nickname and ID to the support team. The account ID can be found in the Friends menu. 

! Important !  

Please go to: https://bnea.helpshift.com/a/digimon-heroes/ and complete the form with the required information.


6. Can I reset the game and start again from the beginning?

Please take into consideration that there are several situation scenarios that can occur when you try to reset the game. 

a, Reset the game when the progress is only local(on the device). You need to open the settings menu (the last menu button on the menu bar) and select the “Reset the Game” button.

b. Reset the game when the progress is saved on Facebook and on the device. In this situation you need to make sure that the Facebook account is logged in. Go to the settings menu and Reset Game, afterwards you must reset the local again by opening the settings menu (the last menu button on the menu bar) and select the “Reset the Game” button.

! Important !

When resetting any progress, if a Facebook account is logged in, the Facebook account will reset first. The local saved progress will remain and in order to reset that content too you need to perform the procedure again. 

Any reset data is lost so we suggest to be very carefull when reseting any progress. 


7. I am unable to buy content from the store


If the item icons in your in-game shop are greyed out, you may need to:

a. Check that you are logged in with a valid Google account.

b. Update your Play Store application by opening and updating it.

Please visit the Google Help Page for further information about Google Play and purchases on Android devices. If this doesn’t help, please go to https://bnea.helpshift.com/a/digimon-heroes/ and contact our support team.


Make sure that your device is set to allow in-app purchases. Go to Settings → General → Restrictions and check that In-App Purchases is set to ON. Then quit and restart the game. After doing this please perform the following steps:

a. Double tap the home-button on your device.

b. Swipe all application previews upwards until there is none left.

c. Reboot your device.

d. Launch Digimon Heroes and try again.

If you’re still unable to buy content, please go to: https://bnea.helpshift.com/a/digimon-heroes/ and contact our support team.


8. I have just made a purchase that did not came through. What can I do?

While most of the transactions go smoothly, sometimes the stores or our servers might be slower than usual or experience an error. Please wait and see if the purchased items come through. If they don't, try restarting the game. Your items should be credited to you. If all else fails, please send to our support team your unique Account ID and Nickname.


9. Can I play multiple accounts on a single device?

Digimon Heroes! Supports multiple accounts on a single device only if you link each account to a Facebook account. You can only link one account to a Facebook account.


10. Can I play from multiple devices to the same account?

Yes you can! You are able to do this as long as you connect the same Facebook account on all of the devices.

There is a known issue that will be fixed in the upcoming updates, if your progress does not restore on the other device you need to:

a. Log out from Facebook

b. Close the app

c. Open the app

d. Log in with the same Facebook account.

If this does not solve the problem, please contact our support team.


 11.  Where can I suggest new features and upgrades?

The best place to post your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Digimon Heroes! experience is to post any feedback on our official Facebook page (which can be found Here) or to contact the support team.


12. What is a maintenance break?

Maintenance breaks usually mean we need to update servers, address a minor bug, support new content or improve the general quality of gameplay! Maintenance breaks are a pretty regular thing for server-based games like Digimon Heroes! and generally last 15 minutes to 4 hours! The users will be announced so they can be aware of the situation.



1. What are the battle rules in Digimon Heroes?

Match 3 cards to attack! Choose cards of the same color when possible.


2. What is a Chain and how do you create one?  

After you attacked the enemy with 3 cards of the same color and other 3 cards of the same color automatically match, you'll get a CHAIN! If you continue having chains, the damaged inflicted to the enemy will increase! A chain is triggered when you have three cards of the same color in your hand or in the next cards.


3. How do you inflict critical damage?

Card combinations with the same color and number, like 1-1-1, or consecutive numbers, like 1-2-3, mean you made a CRITICAL attack. A CRITICAL attack increases the damage you inflict to enemies!


4. How do you know when the Enemy attacks?

The number displayed on top of the enemy Digimon represents the number of turns until it will attack. Every time you attack, this number will get smaller. When the number is 0, the enemy will attack!


5. How do you change the attack target?

Change the target of your attacks by tapping an enemy.


6. What is a Digimon Skill?

All Digimon have a Main and Leader Skill. During the battle, after a number of turns, the Digimon icon will be glowing green. Double tap their icon to use their skills. Use them wisely!


7. Can you recover your HP?

Yes you can! Just use the BROWN recovery cards to recover your HP!


8. How many card types are in Digimon Heroes?

The color of the card represents the race of the Digimon. There are five races: Dragon- red, Knight - blue, Nature -green, Dark - purple, Holy - yellow. The Digimon with the same color as the chosen cards will attack. You can always check them while fighting in the bottom middle side of the screen or in-game Pause Menu on the top right corner of the screen to see card types. The Brown card is the recovery card. If you choose three brown cards, you can heal your Digimon. 


9. Define race affinity

If you attack a Digimon with the same affinity as your Digimon the dealt/received Damage will be 100%. There is a certain affinity between races: dragon > nature, knight > dragon, nature > knight, dark > holy, holy > dark. If this affinity exists, the inflicted damage will increase, otherwise it decreases. 


10. How do I get special rewards?

Clear missions, battles, events and special events in order to get Digimon Tickets, new Digimons and Digi-money.


11. How do I build a team?

Choose 5 Digimon and form a team. You will fight battles with this team, so choose your Digimon wisely! Once you get them, put your Digimon in teams! After you use them, you'll realize how useful their skills are.


12. What is so special about rarity?

The stars on the Digimon represent their rarity. A rare Digimon can be sold more expensively and give you more experience points when you use them as material.


13. What is the difference between same race Digifuse and normal Digifuse?

When you combine Digimon of the same race, base Digimon receives more experience points than usual. 


14. How do I Digivolve?

Only a maximum level Digimon can Digivolve. To Digivolve you also need other Digimon and an evolution capacitor, so check out the necessary items each time you want to Digivolve. The Digimon and the capacitor used in the evolution process will disappear. You cannot Digivolve a Digimon that is already in a team, you must first take it out of the team and then Digivolve it.

Digimon whose level is maximum can Digivolve. Make them Digivolve into a new Digimon and become even stronger!


15. Player level

When your level increase, the limit of the number of friends and increse your energy points. Play Normal and Special Events to increase your level! When you increase your level, the energy fully recovers.


16. How important is Energy?

Really important you have to know that each battle requires energy! 1 energy point refills in 3 minutes.

17. How do I choose Companions?

You can either pick someone recommended from the Leaderboards or pick one of your friends in a Battle. You can also use the skills of that Digimon, so choose it wisely! When clearing a Battle, you can send friend requests to other players. The more friends you have your chances of leveling up fast increase, also keep in mind that you can choose your friends without having any level restrictions!


18. What is a Wild card?

 A Wild Card replaces any color or number! Unleash the WILD CRITICAL attack by matching 3 black Wild Cards! A black    Wild Card can be combined with any other card to make a match. Match 3 Wild Cards for a CRITICAL WILD ATTACK!


19. How can I see the Digimon Information?

In menus and during battle, tap and hold your Digimon's icon to see its stats.


20. How do I know what skills does every Digimon have?

When a Digimon's icon is glowing green, you can use its skill. Use the specific skill of each Digimon and get out of trouble!


21. How do I match cards?

Match 3 cards of the same color and the same number (1-1-1) or consecutive numbers (1-2-3) to inflict CRITICAL damage.


22. What is the difference between friends and companions?

Connect and play with your Facebook friends or add them using their friend ID and start an adventure together!

Win battles with your friends to get more friend points (FP). Facebook friend - 50 FP. Game friend - 20 FP.


23. What do I use Friend Points for?

Friend Points (FP) are used to win new Digimon in Digi-Eggs. You get FP from playing with companions: 10 FP for a regular player, 20 FP for a friend and 50 FP for a Facebook friend. Win Digimon with your friend points (FP) in Digi-Eggs. Get FP from the Daily Gift or by wining battles with your friends!


24. How do I select / deselect in-game cards?

In-game you can Tap to select a card, tap again to deselect it.


25. What does Leveling up offer me?

Level UP to increase your energy and refills the bar completely!


26. What is a Digifuse race bonus?

During the Digifuse, if the base Digimon is the same race as the other Digimon, you will receive more experience points!


27. How can I Digivolve?

Digivolve cannot happen if the base Digimon has not reached its maximum level!


28. What happens if I match random cards?

Avoid Weak attacks! Random color matches generate a Weak attack. Sometimes weak attacks come in-hand and can be used to avoid the creation of a Chain from tactical reasons.


29. How can I check at any time the Race correlation?

If you forget which race is stronger and which is weaker during the game, check the race correlation diagram from the in-game pause menu.


30. How important is the Leader skill?

Choose your leader wisely! See the Leader Skill description in Digimon info pop-up!


31. How many types of Digimon stats exist in Digimon Heroes?

Attack - damage inflicted to enemies.
Defense - reduce damage received.
Turns - turns until the Digimon skill becomes active.
Support - increases the healing power of recovery cards.
The higher the stats, the better!


32. What is Special Support?

A Special Support Digimon can appear when you're in trouble. Its effect depends on the race existing in the current battle.


33. How many Digimon teams can I create?

Swipe left or right to navigate between your teams. Organize yourself according to the events you participate in! You can create a maximul of 3 teams.


34. Digimon comparison

Use the strongest Digimon in your Team! You can replace your team members and compare their stats. Green - if the new member is stronger, Red - if the new member is weaker.


35. Digimon rarity scale (high to low):
Legendary Rare > SP+ > SP > God+ >  God > King > Queen > Rare > Uncommon > Common.


36. Why should I Digifuse?

You can improve your team by constantly upgrading your Digimon! Use a higher level material Digimon to boost your base Digimon!


37. What is Limit break?

Limit break increases by 5 the maximum level of a Digimon. Only specific Digimon can do Limit break, and only up to four times.


 38. What is the ultimate upgrade?

Limit break burst is the ultimate upgrade! Only Digimon who performed Limit break the maximum number of times can have this upgrade.


39. Green SP Ticket :

All the Green SP Tickets can be won from Events, Special Events, Daily rewards, Daily Missions and Missions.


40. Event Types:

Play time limited Special Events to get rare Digimon that aren't available anywhere else! The difficulty of the Event has 3 types (easy, medium and hard).


41. How do I increase my Digimon slots?

In order to have more space in your inventory for your Digimons you need to buy a Hard drive set from our Shop to store more Digimon in your inventory!


42. What can I buy with Digimoney?

Use Digimoney to get Legendary Rare Digimon in Digi-Eggs or buy items from Shop.


43. How do I obtain Bits?

Get Bits from battles or by selling Digimon and Items! Bits are required for upgrading a Digimon.


44. Daily gift

Play every day and collect our free special gift!!!


45. Shop offers

Check our Shop regularly and make sure you don't miss any offer.


46. Digi-Eggs

Upgrade your team with stonger Digimon from Digi-Eggs!


47. How can I upgrade my Digimon?

Upgrade your Digimon by Digifuse, Digivolve or Limit Break!!


48. How can I check the drop Info?

Check Battles - Drop Info to see what loot you can get from those battles. You can also check the drop info for SP Tickets!